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Contact us at or 1-540-628-4186. We’ll get a replacement out right away. Air Plants are extremely resilient and ship well, but on rare occasions the carriers test their limits while in transit. “We can’t grow if you’re not happy.” We mean that, and stand behind every plant we send.
The moss in your terrarium is preserved and dyed Reindeer Moss. It is not alive and does not require any care.
Theoretically your Air Plant will just go dormant while in the box and could make it a few weeks without light or water, but this can open the door to other issues like rot. If you are giving an Air Plant as a gift we recommend opening the box as soon as you get it, remove the plants, mist or soak, and put the plants back in the box. Just leave the lid open until you are ready to give the gift so they can get light and air flow.

Basic Air Plant Care

Questions about caring for your Tilly? We've got answers. Check out our website that is packed with blogs, videos, and downloadable instructions to help you care for your air plants!

Air Plant Care & Downloadable