A tragedy was transformed.

It all started with an accident. Our President, Elizabeth Ryan, was working as a contractor in the Washington, D.C. Beltway when she was run over by an out-of-control car. During years of surgery to rebuild her crushed legs, Elizabeth began designing interior décor. In time, Hinterland Trading was established.

Pictured left to right: Bailey, Kelle, Elizabeth, and Austin.

As business grew at a rapid pace, the entire Ryan family began working around the clock to fill orders and answer customer questions. Austin and Bailey, Elizabeth’s two children, joined the team to run customer relations with wholesale clients, and contributed creativity and vision as they built their business from the ground up. Kelle Ryan, husband and father, left his job in the Beltway and joined their team as a full-time entrepreneur. Soon, Elizabeth was hiring and training local students to work in their warehouse.

It takes a village.

Elizabeth built relationships with vendors in places like India and Thailand to source exceptional, authentic materials. And, their air plants come from a remote farm on a mountain in Central America. The owner of the farm, Juan, is now a personal friend of Elizabeth and her team. This incredible farm supports an entire village, which means that each Hinterland customer is directly contributing to the livelihood of these people. The Ryans are proud to work with suppliers from all over the world, and to help the people of Juan's village thrive.

Our team strives to…

Serve Our team knows that we can't grow if you're not happy. So, with every box packed and every order filled, we treat the process personally. If you're not happy with what you received, we genuinely want to make it right.

Educate Air plants are special, and quite different than your average potted greenery. Providing high-level advice and care instructions is important to us, because we want every plant to grow and thrive.

Inspire We believe in the creative process. Using Tillys creatively takes courage, originality, and imagination. Our hope is to spark the ideas that transform your work, your life, and your home.