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8 Pieces of Advice for Wholesale Air Plants

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Air plants are the easiest (and trendiest!) living home accent happening right now! Their exotic appearance coupled with ease of care make for a great housewarming or hostess gift. They are small (and chic) enough to give out as party treats or wedding favors. Bring wholesale air plants into your store for a modern alternative to the ever-present dusty houseplant!

But what is an air plant, exactly?

Sometimes referred to as “tillys” because of their scientific classification under the genus Tillandsia, air plants are similar to orchids but they don’t require soil or a host plant to grow.

These babies absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves, so they need misting or dunking in water. They prefer to live in the dappled light of the great indoors and thrive at room temperature, so are they perfect for that open space on the wall across from a sunny window.

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Some things to consider when buying wholesale air plants.

  1. The shape and appearance of the leaf will tell you how the Air Plant wants to be watered! We suggest using the leaf thickness as a guide–the thinner the leaf, the more often it’ll need to be soaked or misted throughout the week.
  2. Try segregating different humidity types of Air Plants from each other when stocking. This will make shopping and choosing the right plant more straightforward for customers.
  3. Some tillys prefer a less humid habitat and can be merchandised with rocks or gravel to accentuate their desert nature.
  4. Consider selling air plants in a kit that includes a stylish container and a fertilizer with a cute and helpful note on plant care.
  5. Merchandise air plants as accents (with trendy items like beaded macramé hangers or geometric containers in muted neon colors) or group them together into a centerpiece to make a textural and dramatic statement.
  6. The spiky and exotic appearance of many air plants translates well to boutonnieres or corsages, or even as part of surprising and refreshing bridal bouquets. Many modern weddings combine tillys and succulents to create an organically minimal but beautiful mystique.
  7. Brides love having a living keepsake from their wedding, so including an air plant in your arrangements is a great selling point.
  8. As usual, buying in bulk lowers the price per unit and improves profit margins for you, the retailer.

There you have it! Discover an easy and affordable way to bring minimalist Southern distinction or exotic jungle vibes to your home with wholesale air plants! Tillys add an instant dose of modern chic to any space and are unique enough to break the ice.


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