5 Reasons To Add Air Plants to Your Wholesale Flowers

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There’s just something special about selling air plants in your floral shop. They offer a charming touch while waiting to be sold, and improve the air quality of any room.

Succulents and air plants are absolutely on-trend and their low-maintenance needs make them an easy addition to any retail shop. Since they have a much longer shelf life than cut wholesale flowers, it makes them easier sell, too. Brides love them because they get to keep a living element from their wedding bouquet. Why not include a soil-free, root-free plant in your arrangements if it means a longer shelf life?

More unique than wholesale flowers, air plants are a great addition to your display.

  1. Air plants will keep longer than wholesale flowers.
  2. Air plants offer very easy upkeep. Although they keep longer than a bouquet, you won’t have to do too much to keep them looking lovely.
  3. Air plants don’t require soil or pots.
  4. Air plants are different! How often will your customers come across an air plant for their home?
  5. Air plants can be displayed in any manner. From classy glass globes to whimsical planters, your customers will love seeing how these plants can fit in at home or at their event.

Photo by Karly Murphy

Photo by Karly Murphy  |  Arrangement by Jenn Pineau

Need some inspiration?

These little beauties are sure to catch the eye of your customers and bring some creativity to your arrangements. Some of our partners, like Nature Composed and Urban Poppy, are doing seriously creative things with air plants. Check out how Jenn Pineau is combining sustainable wholesale flowers and air plants for stunning arrangements. And let’s not forget Anissa Manzo, who is delivering fantastic wedding florals with a twist.

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