Air Plant Care

General:   Our plants are shipped on the drier side to avoid rot while in transit. Place your plants in a bowl of water root site up for about an hour. You will see the plants turn bright green over this period. After this you can begin a regular watering cycle. If the humidity is below 50% (dry) mist your plants heavily two times a week. If the humidity is above 50% (moist) a weekly misting is all they will need. It is very important that the plants dry fully between watering to prevent rot.  All of these plants enjoy filtered sunlight to varying degrees as described below.

Specific: All of these plants will thrive in the conditions mentioned above: filtered sunlight and regular misting. But, the thin leaved plants, Argentea and Oxacana, prefer less light than the others. Place them farther from the window or light source. The Xerographica is a desert plant and does well with less frequent watering and more light. Mist heavily once a week at most. The Xerographica also prefers the most sunlight of all the plants. Place as close to the window or light source as possible. You will notice the Fasciculata has a “woody” base. This is the normal state of the plant so don’t be alarmed.

Fertilizing: As tempting as it is, only lightly fertilize once a month. They don’t require much.