How to care for your plant

At Hinterland Trading, we love air plants. We also value the creativity that so many of our customers bring to the table. Our team wants your arrangements to thrive, bloom, and be just plain awesome. Here you’ll find tips for keeping your air plants healthy and happy.


The Basics

1. Since wild air plants live under the canopy of other plants, they prefer filtered light. Place your plants indoors, next to a window. Or, you can keep them close to an artificial light source. They also like a day/night cycle, so turn off the lights when you head to bed.

2. Learning when to water your Tilly is also important. Plants with thick leaves should be soaked once a week. Those with thin leaves should be soaked twice a week and heavily misted on off days. Plants with moderate sized leaves can be soaked once a week and heavily misted.

3. Temperature is another important care tip. Tillandsia prefer 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And, be sure to keep them out of freezing temperatures, as they won’t survive an overnight frost.



Xerographica and Fasciculata are similar in that they have broader leaves. This means they hold water longer, and you can water them less often. Soaking them once a week for two hours should let them thrive.



Argentea and Oaxacana air plants have a narrow leaf, and will need to be watered more often. Soak them twice a week for two hours, and heavily mist them throughout the week.



Somewhere in-between, Ionantha and Scaposa plants have a moderately sized leaf. They’ll need to be soaked for two hours once a week, and heavily misted on the off days.